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Song Lian Sheng in City Hall Thần Y Đa Tình than y da tinh xem online 31/31 ffvn
Details Title: 宋莲生坐堂 / Song Lian Sheng Zuo Tang Also known as: Song Lian Sheng in City Hall Genre: Drama Episodes: 31 Broadcast year: 2005 Synopsis Song Lian Sheng is a roving doctor of Chinese medicine with unmatched creativity and uninhibited medical ability. To avoid the chaos caused by war, he arrives in Changsha from Nanjing to practice medicine. A chance encounter with an embroidery girl marks his arrival in the city and the beginning of a two year adventure. Cast Zhang Guo Li as Song Lian Sheng Wang Gang as Hua Wu Tong Zhang Tie Lin as Shun Zhi Zhang Ting as Ying Wu Shuang Deng Jie as Ru Yue Miao Pu as Hong San Yan Zhang Hui as Er Tao Zi Production Credits