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A Bride for a Ride is a 2009 Hong Kong television series based on the traditional Pingtan story of the same name. Set during the prosperous Ming Dynasty of China, the drama revolves around the rich and influential Wong family and their comedic ties with Chow Man-bun, a young and handsome scholar who has a specialty in cross-dressing. To prove his worth to Wong Sau-ying, his ideal lover, he cross dresses as a beauty in a lantern festival so he can get closer to her. Sau-ying's older brother, Tiger Wong, sees Man-bun's beauty and kidnaps him home. A Bride for a Ride consists of elements of Cantonese opera. Chin Kar-lok, who stars as Tiger Wong, is also the drama's action choreographer. Foolhardy Tiger Wong (Chin) is annoyed with his mother (Wong) for consistently pressuring him to get married. He therefore snatches Chow Man-bun (Chan) who is in female disguise to be his bride and arranges for Man-bun to stay at his younger sister Sau-ying's (Wu) chamber for the night. After this, Tiger has no choice but to marry Sau-ying to Man-bun while setting up strict rules to torture Man-bun in the house. Clever Man-bun makes use of the chivalrous woman Mo Sam-leung (So) to control Tiger and misleads Sam-leung that Tiger is her long lost rescuer. Using tricks to upset Tiger, he makes Tiger marry Sam-leung. Since then, Sam-leung tries every means to domesticate her husband and that almost drives him insane. Man-bun is relieved to escape from Tiger’s manipulation but he carelessly causes lots of troubles elsewhere. A Bride for A Ride brings you a modern perspective of this traditional tale and you'll surely be surprised with its astonishing approach.