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Foreword Do you wish to watch Siu Lun, Siu Bing and Lai Chi in a period drama? or the famous ex-gymnastics prince Li Ning in his debut drama? The beautiful scenery of the two famous Shaolin temples in China? This serial may be able to satisfy your curiosity. Story Kang Xi faints at Shaolin when viewing the monk troops. He asks for ‘Xi Sui’ manual from Ke Jian but is rejected. In reality, it is stolen and Ke Jian gets Hao Feng to look for it. Hao Feng sees Shi Fen pretending to sell medicine using the temple’s name. He teaches him a lesson. Xue attacks Hao Feng and vows to get the manual from him. Shi Fen pretends to be a monk to teach a landlord a lesson – to get punished by Hao Feng again. The villagers seek Shi Fen for help again but he can’t do it openly now after Hao Feng’s warning. Hao Feng helps them secretly upon seeing the villagers so depressed.