Cheung Gwun Bo (Eddie Kwan) was simply a boy working at the Shaolin Temple library. Under his master (Pao Fung)'s teachings, he was able to read many books and inadvertently learn inner kung fu in the process. When one of the books that contained the high kung fu named '9 Yeung Chan Ging' got stolen, Gwun Bo and his master were held responsible for not guarding it. Therefore, they were ordered to go recover it. On his way to reclaim it, he encountered a group of strange guys. He misunderstood them for taking the book and attacked them ... he then realized that one of the guys was actually a girl. After this incident, they went separate ways and Gwun Bo could not find the book so he returned to Shaolin. When a Mongolian challenger came to the temple and tried to ridicule Chinese kung fu, Gwun Bo accidentally showed off what he had learned from reading the book that had 9 Yeung Chan Ging. He was banished for stealthily learning his kung fu. His master left the temple with him but they were separated when they met Mongolian soldiers. Gwun Bo then thought his master had died. He was captured by the Mongolian soldiers, under the lead of some Princess (Ng Wing Hung). Among the other prisoners, there was that group of strange people he had encountered a while back, with the girl dressed as a guy. Her name was Lung Yeuk (Fiona Leung) and the Princess had captured her because she was the last remaining royal blood of the Gum Dynasty. Lung Yeuk was referred by her Gum identity, "Yuen On Fung Tin." Feeling affections for each other, Gwun Bo and Lung Yeuk slowly started their love. Through all the slavery and hardships as captives, he always tried to protect her. While he was there, he befriended some guys that belonged to a secret anti-Mongol organization. But because the Princess made them fight amongst themselves for her sick pleasure, he ended up being condemned for killing one of the guys. So every member from that organization vowed to kill Gwun Bo.