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Starring: Tony Leung Chiu Wai - Chow Kim Hung Barbara Yung Mei Ling - Tse Bik Wah Ray Liu Leung Wai - Kong Tin Wai Money Chan Man Yee - Lum Siu Man Susanna Au-Yeung Pui San - Ho Piu Piu Lau Dan - Chow Wing Kwan Hoi san - Yeung Zhi On The Rough Ride is one of the best modern series. Too bad many people never had a chance to see this series. Because I'm such a huge fan of Barbara and because this is one of my favorite modern series, I decided to write a very long summary of this series. I have seen this series so many times but I still haven't gotten sick of it. Long Summary: Chow Kim Hung is a teacher and has two fathers whom he live together with in a small apartment. They would later move into a bigger apartment. His "Bah", called Chow Wing, is a great housekeeper. Hung's "Lo Dow", called Chow Mo is more outgoing. All three takes their turn as a cab driver. Mo is also a part time uniform police officer. Mo and Wing do not get along with each other but they live together because they both claim to be Hung's real father (The series never resolved who the real father was. However, it was mentioned by Wing that he met Hung's wife first. So, he and Hung's mother are probably married and Hung's Lo Dow is someone the mother had an affair with. According to a couple of people in the series, Hung looks more like Mo).