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Trạng Sư Hồ Đồ - A Case Of Misadventure (20/20 uslt Cast: William So Wing Hong - Chan Tai Hei Flora Chan Wai Shan - Tai Foon (Foon Jie) Cheung Chi Kwong - Ng Sam Sing Wong Lam - Yung Yung Stephen Au Kam Tong - Mo Loong Kwok Fung - Yung Lo Yeh Derek Kwok Jing Hung - Law Bor Warning! Spoilers! Finally. Flora Chan in a lead role after goodness knows how long: one which she doesn't have to share limelight with any other actress or one where she isn't some guest star who only appears in a handful of episodes and is subsequently replaced with some stand-in at the end…Finally. Here it is: A Case of Misadventure. The Story: This story starts in Guangzhou, 2 generations after the great Chinese lawyer, Chan Mung Kut. We are introduced to his good-for-nothing-except-play grandson, Chan Tai Hei (William So). Although bearing the same family name, Chan Tai Hei is nothing like his grandfather or father. Exceptional lawyer he is not. So much so that nobody ever goes to him for legal aid. In comes Tai Foon (Flora Chan) seeking a lawyer to represent her husband, Law Bor (Derek Kwok), when he is arrested for murder. Chan Tai Hei very obviously loses the case for her, thus starting a hate-hate relationship between them. Chan Tai Hei then runs off to Hong Kong with his butler Ng Sam Sing (Cheung Chi Kwong). In Hong Kong, Chan Tai Hei is put up by an old family friend, Yung Lo Yeh (Kwok Fung) and his daughter, Yung Yung (Wong Lam). Meanwhile Tai Foon, having to pay for Chan Tai Hei's fees, ends up in Hong Kong too having to work off the debt. Surprise, surprise, Chan Tai Hei and Tai Foon cross paths again when she ends up being in his employment? Yung Lo Yeh then arranges for Chan Tai Hei to be conferred the Justice of Peace for the Causeway Bay area. And so it begins. Given the responsibility of presiding over cases, Chan Tai Hei together with his scoobies ?Tai Foon and Ng Sam Sing ?go about trying to find out the truth about each crime, bringing the guilty perpetrators to justice.