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Thiên Ngoại Phi Tiên | The Fairy From Wonderland 31/31 uslt This is a typical story of a fairy, Thieu Tat,who fell in love with a mortal man name Dong Din. Unfortunately, the rules of Heaven forbids her to love him. Thieu Tat went down to earth twice. The first time was to find a way to save her sister. That's the first time she met, and fell in love with, Dong Din. The second time was when she was sent by her father as punishment for going to Earth the first time. She must complete 100 good deeds to return to Heaven and she will be placed under the care of Dong Din. She forgot him because her love root was plucked so she won't fall in love while on earth. But slowly, as Dong Din and Thieu Tat stay together, her memories came back and her love for him returned. Of course her parents can't let her be with Dong Din and she was taken back to heaven. That part was not pretty. Dong Din was hurt really bad and as a result, he forgot all about Thieu Tat. Since then, his life went downhill. He was accused of false crimes and became poor. His parents died when things were looking up and he was in debt from borrowing money for his parents' funeral. The main reason to all of Dong Din's misfortune is because of Thieu Tat, so she escaped from heaven, with the help of her sisters and mother, and descended down to earth for a third time. Her goal was to make sure Dong Din's life was better and then she will leave. Dong Din slowly remembers Thieu Tat and that makes it harder for her to leave him. Together they decided to rebel against heaven again but this time, if they fail, death might be the punishment. Another part to the plot is about Ha Cao. He is one of Dong Din's buddies and his life turned bad at the same time Dong Din's did. His father and grandfather had helped a heavenly creature, Linh Miu, when she was trying to escape heaven. As a consequence Ha Cao's family, including himself, can never receive good fortune. The reason Linh Miu tried escaping Heaven was because she wants to become a human and fall in love. Recently, she had succeeded in escaping heaven and she made a deal with an evil tree so she can be human. She fell in love with Ha Cao and saved his life. He helped her complete her side of that deal even though it might ruin him if he gets caught. Basically, the storyline revolves around Dong Din's and Ha Cao's rebellion against heaven, each for their own reasons, but both have the same consequences.