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Foreword Can this serial surpass the former ATV hit drama with a new cast? How is the result? I list the names below in Hanyu Pinyin since the serial is in Mandarin. Story/Introduction on characters 1. Yun Fei Yang - Wu Jing Frankly speaking, I don't like Wu Jing's portrayal - he makes Fei Yang childish and playful. The swordsman is simple in nature but definitely not immature. The beginning part has Wu fooling around in the mountains. The latter part concentrates on his good luck in mastering 'Tian Can' skill by chance. He is just too ordinary - I can't help feeling disappointed. I am totally tongue-tied at the terrible hairstyle that the hairstylists have arranged - a very tiny pony pigtail at the end of his short crop hair. Who is this horrible culprit? Moreover, he seems so bored and so easily injured throughout the serial. This is not the swordsman I have in mind. The only consolation is he is very convincing in fighting scenes. 2. Fu Yu Shu - Shen Xiao Hai (He is as Jin Guang in 'A Chinese Ghost Story') What a change of pace for this character in here. Can you believe it - he gets the chance to learn 'Tian Can Skill' before Fei Yang! He loves Wan Er but she has eyes only for Fei Yang. The original part stays as he slips into Wu Dang to become the sect leader. But the sickening arrangement is he rapes Wan Er! How he does it - he uses poisonous powder to make her powerless and then blocks her acupoints to put her in bed. Then after knowing that she is pregnant, he refuses to marry her! He learns another skill but being evil, he goes on the wrong track and ends up having shaded hair and has a devilish make-up. This reminds me of how Qi Ye looks in 'A Chinese Ghost Story'. I am so disillusioned with this stupid arrangement. The final showdown with Fu Shu is totally twisted. He tries to run away from Fei Yang after being defeated. He ends up killing his own son when trying to stop him from crying to stop him from revealing his whereabouts. He regrets over his act - what is the point of winning the world but losing his successor? Fei Yang kills him when he is distracted. Yu Shu isn't as inhumane as made to be as he truly loves Wan Er as in the novel. Poor man to be turned into a totally vicious villain for no reason. But Shen's acting is as convincing as the despicable Jin Guang in 'A Chinese Ghost Story'. He is elegant looking as the leader although he should have cut down some weight to make his face less round. Why doesn't Wan Er get attracted to him as he shows his 'righteous' side to her all along and they also look compatible as a couple when practicing their skills together? I simply have no answer.юю