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Phận Má Hồng - FOUR WOMEN CONFLICT 35/35 Tập US LT Put Taiwan actresses Ady An (Yun Niang), Annie Yi (Concubines of Qing Emperor), and Hong Kong stars Rain Li (Flaming Butterfly), Michelle Yim (Moonlight Resonance) together in a star-studded production scripted by China's top screenwriter Yu Zheng (The Last Princess, Rouge Snow), and you've got the must-watch drama of the year! The ladies rightfully take the spotlight in the 2008 period drama Four Women Conflict, but they wouldn't be as glamorous without the support of their male co-stars Qiao Zhenyu (The Book & The Sword), William Feng (The Drive of Life), and He Chengming (Rose Martial World). Four Women Conflict depicts the misery of women in the old times through the intertwined lives and romances of four women and the men around them. Set in the late Qing Dynasty China, the story follows the ill-fated Du Lanyan (Ady An) as she grows up under the mistreatment of her ruthless stepmother. After escaping from the family with the of her loyal servant Leng Yun (He Chengming), Lanyan ends up as a maid in Zhou Shian's house. Jealous of Lanyan's beauty, Zhou's wife Li Yue'e (Annie Yi) forces her to marry scum Lu Xiaoda (Guo Mingxiang). But the amorous Zhou still can't forget Lanyan, and he plots to rape her on her wedding night... Director: Yu Zheng Taiwanese star Audrey An stars in this sweeping mini-series. Lan-yin is an orphan adopted by a rich family who has been harshly treated by her ruthless stepmother. With the of her loyal servant, Lan-yin to marry a rascal Luk. As Lan-yin lingers in marriage hell, she meets and falls in love with Sun. Will she be able to escape her sufferings for good and live happily ever after with the man she truly loves?