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Starring: Lawrence Ng as Wang Jian Nancy Sit as Huang Yinggu, Maggie Cheung Ho Yee as Baoyan Eddie Cheung as Ye Jiasheng Irene Wong as Sun Minghua Raymond Cho as Ye Zuguang The Story This '70s ghost drama began with Wang Jian (Lawrence Ng), a policeman, discovering neighbour Huang Yinggu’s ghost (Nancy Sit) who has been trapped in a braid inside the police station for over ten years. Yinggu slowly reveals her story to Jian. She was wrongly sentenced to death for a crime she never committed. Yinggu’s nephew Ye Jiasheng (Eddie Cheung) committed the murder and heartlessly set Yinggu up and made her his scapegoat. Fate is always ironical and cruel, as Yinggu discovers (despite being a ghost!). She soon gets involved with Ye Jiasheng’s affairs a second time. First, she manages to persuade her daughter Sun Minghua (Irene Wong) to break off with Ye Jiasheng’s son Ye Zuguang (Raymond Cho), who is a flirt. Later, Ye Zuguang commits mass murder (locking people inside a building, preventing them escaping from the fire). Minghua is on the scene coincidentally and Jiasheng decides to frame her for the crime. Wang Jian, by then a police inspector, is in charge of this case and knows Minghua is innocent and Zuguang involved. He tried his best to solve the case, to ensure justice for the dead and innocent (Minghua) but Ye Jiasheng, a senior police inspector, just seems to be too smart and cunning for Wang Jian to deal with. Ye Jiasheng is willing to do anything (framing Minghua, falsify evidence, killing witnesses) to get his son off the hook.