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Chinese Title: "Tor Cheung Si Jeh 4" (roughly translates to The Armed Policewomen) Year: 2004 # of episodes: 40 Theme Songs: Sammi Cheng "Lok Chor Cheh" (closing theme: roughly translates to Got Off the Wrong Car), opening theme is also sung by Sammi Cheng but I do not know the song title. My apologies. Cast: Marco Ngai Jun Kit as Ching Fung Joyce Tang Lai Ming as Chan Sam Yuen Bobby Au-Yeung Chun Wah as Chan Siu Sang Ada Choi Siu Fun as Wai Ying Jee Frankie Lam Man Long as Ken Kong Ji Kin (Ken) Yoyo Mung Ka Wai as Sunnie Fong Ching (Sunnie) Supporting Cast: Chu Mi Mi as Yee Mui Jeh ("2nd older sister"; mother of Sam Yuen; older sister-in-law to Siu Sang) Hong Wah as Wong Soh Sum ("Sum Jeh", wife of Wai Ying Hong and step-mother to Jee) Ha Ping as Grandma Wai Lam Suet Mei as Sei Fook ("4th luck", sister to Sam Yuen) Cheung Wai Yee as Cheung Tin Wing (Wing) Evergreen Mak as Sing Jin Choi (henceforth referred to as The Bad Guy) The Gist: The fourth but unfortunately not final instalment of the Armed Reaction series is much, much better than Parts 2 and 3. Drama-wise and even acting-wise, it is the most successful, but unfortunately it does not possess the charms or premise of Armed Reaction 1. Plotline Can be broken down in two large parts, the first that weaves the main crime story with romance-lust and the second which is ... well, romance. This is TVB, folks.