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Dicky Cheung is back with yet another TV adaptation of famous historical characters. This time he tackles Master Wong Fei Hung in prolific director/producer Wong Jing's latest TV drama, which surprisingly is also Dicky's first time playing this legendary martial artist. In fact, the jokester previously played Master Wong's disciple Bucktooth So in the movie Last Hero in China and TVB's Wong Fei Hung Returns, and now he is given free rein to add a comedic flavor to his portrayal of the kung-fu master. He is supported by a trio of comic actors in disciple roles including Ben Cheung Ka Lun (playing Bucktooth So), Zheng Xiao Dong (playing Leung Foon), and Stephen Chow's portly sidekick Lam Chi Chung (playing Porky Wing). Actresses Alice Chan and Annie Man round off the main cast playing two ladies romantically entangled with Master Wong.