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Hận Tình Phan Kim Liên - Gentle Reflections 18/18 uslt Foreword This is how Wan Bik Ha started a long string of slutty roles on the small screen even after being cast as a sex kitten in most movies on the big screen. How does she perform in this drama as the notorious Poon Kam Lien? To get category3 movies’ actor Sum Lap Mun to pair up with her is a rare chance too. Story/Introduction on characters 1. Far Chi Hui – Tam Yiu Mun Chi Hui is initially a weakling in the family. The process of how he wins her heart is so sweet. He changes for her after loving Ping Yee. It is sad when he is killed by Hing. Yiu Mun is in his best here although he hardly acts in periodic dramas and has very good chemistry with Hor Ying together as a couple. He becomes one of my favourite actors after I watched this drama. 2. Far Chi Lam – Lam Kar Dong Chi Hui’s responsible brother who takes care of the household. When the family gets into dire straits because it loses money, he has no choice but to make sure that Chi Hui work hard to restore its glory.