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Packed with love, pathos, and action, new Mainland series My Depraved Brothers is a throwback to the brotherhood melodramas of the late 80s and early 90s like Looking Back in Anger and Breaking Point. Hong Kong television stars Michael Tao (Detective Investigative Files) and Deric Wan and Mainland actor Wu Xiubo lead the cast in this intense tale of brotherhood and betrayal. Mainland starlet Shu Chang and veteran actor Eddy Ko co-star in My Depraved Brothers. Separated at a young age, brothers Tian (Michael Tao) and Fei (Wu Xiubo) grow up in very different environments. Adopted into a wealthy family, Tian never lacked money or parental love, and has just returned to help run the family business Shanghai after completing his studies in the US. His adopted sister, however, is less than thrilled about sharing the family fortune and plotting his downfall. Growing up on the other side of the tracks in Hong Kong, Fei joins the triads and struggles to make a living to support his family. When the two brothers cross paths again as adults, Tian wholeheartedly tries to help his young brother, going as far as to give up the woman he loves to Fei, but his efforts only lead to painful misunderstandings and a disastrous fallout.