DOWNLOAD USLT Thời Thế Tạo Vương - King Maker DOWNLOAD FFVN Tạo Vưong Giả - King Maker ( 28/28 HDTV VNLT ) Synopsis Song dynasty's first prince Zhao Yun (Pierre Ngo) and second prince Zhao Rui (Chris Lai) greedily competes for the throne. YU JING (Wayne Lai) and TUNG CHIU (Kent Cheng) are responsible in advising each prince. JING and CHIU are old family friends, having a mentor-friend relationship. JING's father YU POK MAN (KK Cheung) brought trouble to the family when his achievements made his boss feel uneasy. Since then, JING was separated from his younger brother YU CHING (Patrick Tang) and sister YU JING* (Natalie Tong). CHING was deceived into become an imperial eunuch, while JING* lost her memory, but fortunately triad boss YIM SAM LEUNG (Kristal Tin) took care of her. JING later turns against CHIU when he misunderstood him for betraying his father for his personal benefit. With big villain YEUNG CHI SAN (Joseph Lee) in the mix, it becomes fire against water between the two, unfolding a battle of wits. (aZnangel) (Note: Due to Wayne and Natalie's names sounding the same, but written differently, Natalie's name is denoted with a *) Genre: Historical fiction Producer: Leung Choi Yuen (A Watchdog's Tale, Ghost Writer When Lanes Merge) Episodes: 28