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The setting of this story takes place in Shanghai. Benny (Ho Jia Lin) is from Hong Kong (HK) and is quite successful in his career in Shanghai. He has a steady girlfriend of 3 years who resides in HK. They communicate only through chat because Benny is too busy with his career. One day, his girlfriend, Li Si, goes missing. He goes nuts asking everyone he knows of Li Si’s whereabouts. Finally, Li Si calls him and tells him that she is in Shanghai. Exultant, he rushes into the hotel where Li Si is staying and hugs her the minute he sees her. Then the bomb explodes. Li Si announces that she is going steady with Liu Te Khai (Wang Ren Yi) and that it’s time for them to end their relationship. Confused and hurt by his girlfriend and friend’s (he considers his boss his brother) betrayal, Jia Lin decides to resign from his work and set up a new company of his own. That’s when the true story begins.