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Title: 老公萬歲

Cantonese/Mandarin title: Lo Gung Man Sui

English title: My Better Half

Genre: Family, comedy

Producer: Terry Tong Gei Ming (Producer of "Bar Bender", "Phoenix Rising", "The Silver Chamber of Sorrows", etc.)

Scriptwriter: Law Chung Yiu

Episodes: 20

Broadcast network: T V B

Synopsis: Pharmaceutical company employee CHING SUM (Miu Kiu Wai) has an overbearing wife, KO LAI SUM (Cheung Ho Yee, Maggie). In order not to fight head-on with her, he has been playing ostrich in their seven years of marriage. LAI SUM, however, has never stopped watching his move, as she always believes he is fooling around behind her back. SUM's younger brother, CHING YEE (Tse Tin Wah), laughs at SUM a lot, but he also feels for his plight, and gives him practical advices whenever he can. One day, SUM is caught red-handed in Shenzhen by LAI SUM, who proposes to divorce him! YEE always claims he has never lost in the game of love, until he meets MIU LING CHI (Theresa Lee), a newly recruited management staff of the company. YEE loses bitterly this time, and almost loses his job, too.Why is it that relationship can be earth-shattering but marriage only revolves around trifles? Miu Kiu Wai plays a henpecked man for the first time ever, and Maggie acts as his bruiser wife in her powerful comeback. So make sure you don't miss this explosively funny romantic comedy which exposes the very truth about relationships!