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ynopsis: Nip Jun was a hit man but decided to leave the mafia to start a new life with his wife and daughter but tradegy stuck when his wife was killed in a car accident. Man Wa is Nip Jun's daughter and they own a restaurant in Shanghai. Kow Jai is an orphan who was mentored by Jun. He starts to develop feelings for Jun's daughter, Man Wa.
Diễn viên: Miêu Kiều Vỹ, Huỳnh Tông Trạch, Hướng Hải Lam, Dương Tư Kỳ

Genre: Period Drama

Country of origin: Hong Kong

Broadcast network: TVB

Langauge: USLT

Number of episode: 20

Qaulity: DVD-RIP AVI

Runtime: Approx 45 per episode


Michael Miu

Anne Heung

Bosco Wong