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Synopsis: The early years of legendary Tai Chi Master Zhang Jun Bao are vividly realized in this stirring 40-episode epic series. On the advice of a fortuneteller, the superstitious Zhang family sent their newborn son Bao to a Buddhist monastery. Bao subsequently became a superb martial artist by the time he turned 18. Troubled by the treacherous rebellion from the prime minister, Bao joined his fellow fighter Tian to rescue the righteous General Yue Fei from a deadly coup. Thus begins a series of daring adventures and martial arts challenges that will eventually lead to founding of the famous Wu Tang School.


Diễn viên:
Trương Vệ Kiện – Trương Quân Bảo

Lý Băng Băng – Tần Tư Dung

Lý Tiểu Lộ – Minh Đạo Hồng

Nghiêm Khoan – Dịch Kế Phong

Tô Hữu Bằng – Dịch Thiên Hành

Lâm Tâm Như – Băng Tâm

Hồ Tịnh – Lăng Tuyết Nhạn

Tae – Trương Thúy Sơn

Trương Thiết Lâm – Phi Long tướng quân