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Official English Title: In the Eye of the Beholder

Title: 秋香怒點唐伯虎

Translated English Title: Chau Heung Angers Tong Bak Fu (Flirting Scholar)

Episodes: 20

Genre: Ancient, Comedy

Producer: Lau Ka Ho

Scriptwriter: Sit Ka Wah & Wong Yuk Tak

RELEASE DATE: MARCH 8, 2010 (Premiering 8th Mar - 2nd Apr Mon - Fri, 8.30pm)


Moses Chan

Myolie Wu

Ha Yu

Lai Lok Yi

Johnson Lee

Fala Chan

Elaine Yiu

Joel Chan

Evergreen Mak

Savio Tsang.

Series highlight: Although everyone's familiar with the story of Chau Heung and Tong Bak Fu, this time in this re-make, there are still unconventional elements being added to make it more In the midst of it, there will be a huge amount of poems and riddles. In order for Tong Bak Fu to win the beauty's heart, he had to go through many stages - battling wits and strength; thinking of many ideas. Unexpectedly, the person who's most difficult to deal with is Chau Heung, the lady whom he thought of day and night. A bustling,, modern romantic, and action comedy will be presented before everyone.

Synopsis:The multi-talented Tong Bak Fu had seen through the darkness of politics among court officials, and would rather remain in the town and become a flirtatious scholar. Unexpectedly, he met a maid, Chau Heung, from Wah Tai See's home. In order to get close to his crush, he decided to go into the Wah's house to be a servant...When Tong Bak Fu first entered the Wah's house, Chau Heung thought that he was a talentless person. But after they were together for a period of time, she discovered that he was actually very talented, and developed a good liking towards him. And Wah Tai See admired him for being quick-witted, and had plans to groom him. At this moment, the Emperor was on an inspection tour and arrived at Jiangnan. He put up temporarily at Wah's house, and even had a liking for Chau Heung. But this caused Tong Bak Fu to get involved in a power struggle among the court officials...