Notable : Life and Times of an Sentinel (2011)

Release Date : August 29, 2011

Cast : Bowie Lam, Nancy Sit, Sunny Chan, Linda Chung, Pierre Ngo, Sire Ma, Cilla Lok, Elena Kong

Diễn Viên: Lâm Bảo Di, Trần Cẩm Hồng, Tiết Gia Yến, Chung Gia Hân, Ngạo Gia Niên

The story takes place in the Qing Dynasty, revolving around the Sung and Leung Family.. KWAN WAI LAN (Nancy Sit) is the owner of a small business with LEUNG JING YIU as her eldest son (Bowie Lam), LEUNG JING HONG her second son (Sunny Chan), third daughter LEUNG SAU MAN (Casper Chan) and youngest daughter LEUNG SAU YIN (Cilla Kung). YIU originally was a worker at the Jiujiang brewery but due to a natural disaster, rewrote the lives of the Leung and Sung family.