Diễn viên: Lâm Phong, Âu Dương Chấn Hoa, Dương Di

Notable : Replacing Lives of Omission (2011)

Release Date : September 12, 2011


Cast: Bobby Au-Yeung, Tavia Yeung, Raymond Lam, Sire Ma, Gigi Wong, Mandy Wong, John Chiang, Power Chan, Leanne Li


Medical researcher DR. KONG TUNG KIN (Bobby Au Yeung) is lonely and impolite. He's just a doctor that concentrates entirely on long-term drug research, until he met FONG SIU FONG (Tavia Yeung), who is naturally born allergic to chemicals. Unfortunately, a rule stated that DR. KONG cannot develop a relationship with his patients within 3 years. DR. KONG can only wait 3 years before he can confess his love to FONG.