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Synopsis: Pop superstar Nicholas Tse and TV superstar Dickie Cheung are the leads in this martial arts adventure based partially on the famous novel by Lu Lung. Twin Brothers Yu and Fa were separated by birth and trained by rival kung fu masters. They meet again 18 years later with no knowledge of their identities and become friends, but their stepfather's rivalry force them to be foes. When a conspiracy to take over the martial arts world emerges, however, Yu and Fa must unite to defeat the invincible enemy. Filled with comedy, drama, and exciting fights, The Handsome Siblings is one handsome, rousing kung fu saga for the whole family!
Diễn viên: Truong Vệ Kiện, Tạ Ðình Phong, Phạm Băng Băng, Tôn Phi Phi