Tái Phục Hồi - Second Time Around (2002)

Film's story takes place back in time about a policewoman and a thief. In this film, Cecilia Cheung plays a young policewoman—Tina, and Ekin Cheng plays Li Boren who is a handsome gambler . Gamblers and the police is definitely not on the same path, the police persuaded gamblers repent and be saved, while the gamblers were bent on taking back his old friends. Things, can not be achieved in reality, can comeTr into reality only rely on the magic to back in time. In the film, the policewomen and gamblers had to rely on a piece of red "turn round stone" to come into a magical time tunnel back to the past. In this process, the gambler has not only changed himself but also saved his friend's life, even more developed a sweet love story with the beautiful young policewoman.

Trinh Y Kien - Truong Ba Chi