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Synopsis: The background of the movie is the revolutionary period, medicine trader Shing Lau (Stephen Fung) bids farewell to his wife and daughter to lead a team of eight including himself to venture from their homeland to the provincial capital. Unfortunately, a huge fire takes the lives of all his seven bros, what's even worst is that he is entrapped by Pang Sai (Ho-Yin Wong), the one who actually set the fire, and serve the sentence for him instead. Lawyer Nam Sui Shin (Gillian Chung) promises to defend for Lau in order to prove her own ability but misses the hearing at the court because of an accident. This down turn makes Lau guilty at his trial and he is to be beheaded. During the execution, in a spark of fire, strange thing happens that change the fate of his life......

Diễn viên : Phùng Đức Luân, Chung Hân Đồng, Steven Cheung , Trương Tây
Movie: 49 Days
Chinese: 犀照 (Sai chiu)
Director: Kin-lun Lam
Release Date: February 16, 2006
Runtime: 93 min.
Language: USLT
Country: Hong Kong

Stephen Fung - Lau Sing
Gillian Chung - Siu Chin
Steven Cheung
Debbie Goh - Suzy
Lap-yi Kau - Lau Sing's daughter
Meng Lo
Lier Qiu
Ho-Yin Wong - Pang Sei
Yut Fei Wong
Jess Zhang - Lau Sing's wife