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Synopsis: A good-hearted deed gets Hoi Sum Kwai (Raymond Wong)--the personification of the happy ghost--into a series of mishaps. The spirit of the late female singer Tsui Poon Hsian (Maggie Cheung) blames him for sending a pregnant woman to the wrong hospital and misses her schedule for reincarnation. She determines to seek vengeance even though she is given another chance for reincarnation. Besides harassing Hoi's students, she exploits every opportunity to humiliate him. One time, the head prefect (Fennie Yuen) is possessed by Tsui to stir up a row in a night club, causing a bunch of gangsters to be imprisoned.

English title: Happy Ghost III
Country : Hong Kong 
Film Company : Cinema City & Films Co. 
Genre : Comedy / Fantasy 
HK Category : I I A 
Runtime : 89 min. 
Video : Colour 
Audio : USLT


Raymond Wong Pak Ming
Maggie Cheung Man Yuk
Fennie Yuen Kit Ying
Charine Chan Ka Ling
Lam Wing Han
Ho Pooi Yi
Chan Maan Loh
Joh Yin Ling
Tsui Hark
Wong Ching