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Synopsis: Holy Weapon presents the story of seven women who are recruited to challenge the threat posed by a Japanese swordsman of supernatural power and ability. Swordfighting, sorcery, mistaken identities and gender bending abound in this 1993 wire fu film.

xem online Võ Hiệp Thất Công Chúa - Holy Weapon USLT
Diễn viên : Trương Vệ Kiện, Ngô Mạnh Đạt ( Chú Đạt ), Trương Mẫn, Trương Mạn Ngọc,Lưu Tùng Nhân, Quang Vịnh Hà

English title: Holy Weapon
Directed by Wong Jing
Produced by Steven Lo
Written by Lam Wai-Lun

Distributed by Regal Films Co
Release date(s) June 1993
Running time 98 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language USLT