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Lời Nguyền Của Người Cha - The Death Curse USLT

Synopsis: Pop duo TWINS (Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung) star in this horror comedy as two of eight children who share the same father but different mothers. The children get together at their late father’s old haunted house to settle his estate. Weird things start to occur as soon as they arrive. While they try to decipher the reasons for the strange happenings, they must follow the odd rules set by their father in order to inherit his fortunes.
xem online Lời Nguyền Của Người Cha - The Death Curse TVB USLT

English Title: The Death Curse
Year: 2003
Directed: Cheung Pou Soi
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Runtime: 86 mins
Country: Hong Kong
Language: USLT