Cướp Thần Tuyệt Sắc - Martial Angels USLT

Synopsis: Shu Qi and Julian Cheung star in this Hong Kong homage to "Charlie's Angels." Cat burglar Cat, upon learning that her former fling Zi-Yang was captured by the Russians while trying to steal a computer chip, recruits a group of drop dead gorgeous female agents who called themselves the 7 Angels. They must finish Zi-Yang's job and turn in the chip in exchange for his life.After breaking up with her jewel thief boyfriend, a former cat burglar, Cat, is forced to perform one more heist in order to save him from Russian mobsters. Cat enlists the help of six beautiful burglars who call themselves the 7 Angels, but as they proceed with their plans they learn that things are not quite as they seem.
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Diễn viên: Trương Trí Lâm, Thư Kì, Kelly Lin
English Title: Martial Angels
Directed by: Clarence Fok Yiu-leung
Country: Hong Kong
Year: 2001
Language: USLT