Cuộc Chiến Tình Yêu - Love Battlefield TVB USLT

Synopsis: Yui (Eason Chan) and Ching (Niki Chow) are a couple for quite some time now. Their relationship had a great start, but nowadays, more and more often, they get into fights because of trivial matters. In order to save their relationship, the two decide to make a trip to Europe. However, on their day of departure they have to find out that someone has stolen their car and their luggage along with it. Yui wants to go to the police, but Ching doesn't want to miss their flight. They get into a heavy argument and end up going seperate ways.

Shortly thereafter, Yui by accident discovers his car parking in a back alley. Unfortunately, his car has been stolen by a gang of mainland thieves, who take Yui as a hostage. The gang's leader Wah (Wang Zhiwen) knows that Yui works at a hospital and so he forces him to treat an injured member of his group. If the man would die, Yui wouldn't have to live long either. However, eventually Yui understands that he won't survive this day anyway.
By chance, Ching realizes that something is wrong with Yui and that he might be in danger. Yet, the police won't help her and so she goes on a search for her ex-boyfriend on her own...
xem online Cuộc Chiến Tình Yêu - Love Battlefield USLT
English Title: Love Battlefield
Country: Hong Kong
Language: USLT
Subtitle: English
Year: 2004
Genre: Action, Romance