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Cư Xá Kinh Hoàng - House Of The Invisibles TVB USLT
Synopsis: There are a few dysfunctional inhabitants in a demolished old building. Life has been hard for Fat Chou (Lam Suet) and crippled Ah Fung, but they lived harmoniously. As Ah Fung realises that she can no longer satisfy Fat Chau, she allows him to have sex with prostitutes, but not with the same one all the time. Soon, Fat Chou falls in love with one of the prostitutes, Kil-Kil and therefore, breaks his promise. The tenants later find their lives taking a major turn.
Diễn viên : Lê Diệu Tường, Natalie Ng
A psychic cop (Nicholas Tse) who battles wayward ghosts for the Hong Kong police department is teamed with an eager rookie (Stephen Fung) destined to die and become his ghostly helper. But their plans are thwarted by a vengeful water spirit (Alex Fong), who emerges from the Other Side to destroy them both…
xem online Cư Xá Kinh Hoàng - House Of The Invisibles TVB USLT
English title: House of The Invisibles
Also Known As: Yi Lou Yi Gui
Country: Hong Kong
Language: USLT
Runtime: 90 min
Genre: Horror