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Chuyện Tình Cúp Cua - To Miss With Love USLT TVB
Synopsis: F. 4D Yuk Choi colleg is most notorious class in the school. the new teacher Miss Cheung takes up the class and helps the students to solve their problems one by one. The class begins to accept her, One of the students, Ah Kin, is lured to make Yuk Chois lost in ball game but he refused at last. he is beaten up by a gang after the game. Miss Cheung and the whole class go to fight against the gang. Miss cheung is ordred to resign because of the fight. Can F. 4D solve the problem by themselves?
xem online Chuyện Tình Cúp Cua - To Miss With Love USLT
Diễn viên: Lâm Chí DĨnh, Trương Vệ Kiện, Chu Ân, Ngô Kỳ Long, Ngô Mạnh Đạt.
Country : Hong Kong
Film Company : Golden Princess Film Production Limited
Genre : Comedy / Romance
HK Category : I I B
Audio : Speaking ( US Long Tieng