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Xem online va download Vua Bánh Trứng - Hoàng Tử Bảnh Bao (The Lucky Guy) - Châu Tinh Trì & Thư Kỳ

The Skinny: Stephen Chow phones in his performance in this average Lunar New Year comedy that can elicit laughs but also mystifying stretches of sheer silence.
by Kozo: This Lunar New Year film from Lee Lik-Chee is a typical Lunar New Year comedy with some funny bits amidst all the schmaltzy hijinks. As usual, there are three guys, three girls, and a patriarch who needs to have a problem solved. Ng Man-Tat is owner of the Lucky Cafe, who’s facing the possible liquidation of his beloved cafe by a bitchy businesswoman (Sandra Ng). Tat’s son Nam (Daniel Chan) is a reporter who befriends runaway heiress Fon-Fon (Shu Qi), and decides to use her for a hot story.
Meanwhile, waiter Fook (Eric Kot) falls for Fanny (Kristy Yeung), a sweet secretary at a local kung-fu school. He’s inexperienced at dating so he turns to fellow waiter Sui (Stephen Chow), AKA: the “Prince of Egg Tarts.” He’s a renowned lothario who practices the “highest stance of courting girls,” i.e. he only wishes to court them, not succeed or fail. Sui's secret is that once upon a time he wronged his first love, Candy (Sammi Cheng), who’s now a nurse at a local hospital. Guess what happens.