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Xem online va download Vỏ Quýt Dày Móng Tay Nhọn (Curry and Pepper) - Châu Tinh Trì

Starsky and Hutch, Riggs and Murtaugh, Tango and Cash - the American "buddy cop" subgenre is rife with iconic partnerships. In 1990, action choreographer-turned-director Blackie Ko added two more names to that list with the comic duo of Curry and Pepper, the lead detectives in the Hong Kong movie of the same name. Already well-established "Sky King" Jacky Cheung and a pre-superstardom Stephen Chow headline this amusing action-comedy, starring as two mismatched partners who take the familiar concept of "male bonding" to a whole new level. While by no means a comedy classic in the same league as Chow's later works, Curry and Pepper boasts some engaging performances from Cheung and Chow, not to mention some surprisingly effective action sequences, which significantly enlivens the film's otherwise clichéd, fairly predictable storyline.