Tiểu Thập Nhất Lang - Treasure Raiders
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The latest Gu Long adaptation by TVB fell short of my expectations. Frankly, I carried nary an ounce of suspense as I watched it. Admittedly, after reading the english translations and some summary spoilers on the net, I already knew the story beforehand. On the other hand, I watched most Jin Yong series after having read the novels and knowing the story extensively and most adaptations still managed to hook me on.

To be honest, Gu Long's writing style never really appealed to me and usually has me vomiting blood when reading the dialogue exchanges between his characters--they just seem to talk in circles and don't get to the point! Add Gu Long's sometimes preachy tone and "facts" of life, his writings gave me headaches at times. Becky Tai's english translations actually had me start to appreciate Gu Long and even like him. There must've been something regarding language, because in english, the dialogues seemed witty and quite humorous (a humor I never detected in chinese) and gave me the impression that I was reading some sci-fi/fantasy genre novel. It makes me wonder whether Gu Long was trying to write wuxia with a fantasy style and was in some way "translating" that style into the chinese language.
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