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Ngày Mai Trời Lại Sáng - Shining Inheritance
xem online va download Ngày Mai Trời Lại Sáng - Shining Inheritance (Phim Korea USLT Trọn Bộ) 28/28
Shining Inheritance, also known as Brilliant Legacy, is a modern-day Korean Cinderella story. Go Eun Sung is the daughter of a man with a failing company. She has a step-mother, a step-sister, and an autistic brother named Eun Woo. To provide for the family, Go Eun Sung's father fakes his death and goes into hiding so his wife can take the insurance money. Unknown to him, the step-mother decides to take the money for herself and her daughter, making Go Eun Sung and Eun Woo leave their house with only a few dollars.

Being a strong-willed girl, Go Eun Sung takes random jobs and lives with friends in order to survive with her autistic brother. However, one day her brother wanders off. The same day, Eun Sung again sees a boy named Sun Woo Hwan. She had accidentally taken his bag at the airport, but was never able to switch bags back. The haughty, rich, and temperamental Woo Hwan accidentally breaks her cellphone in a rage because he believes Eun Sung had stolen his bag. Due to this, Eun Sung believes that because her cellphone had broken, Eun woo was not able to call her that night for help.