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Massively uneven costume comedy from the prolific and generally appreciated Joe Ma. His new hit registers as occasionally amusing fluff, and it features a fine star turn from Cecilia Cheung. However, the random shtick can be annoying and shrill, and the film ultimately suffers for it.
by Kozo:
Joe Ma continues his string of modest box-office hits with The Lion Roars, a welcome costume comedy which pairs eternally-tanned Louis Koo with beleagured celebrity Cecilia Cheung. Koo is Seasonal Chan, a meek poet who's picky about finding a new wife. He lucks out (?) when he meets Moth Liu (Cecilia Cheung), who's strong-willed and utterly charming. In a strange turn of events, the Emperor actually forces the two to marry, but they seem happy with the arrangement. After all, neither has had much success in finding a desirable other half, and they seem to hit it off immediately.