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Wong Jing raids Hong Kong Cinema again for The Lady Iron Chef, a cooking-themed wackfest that manages to amuse when it's not ripping off other movies. The problem: it rips off other movies far too often. TVB star Charmaine Sheh stars as Ceci, a beer girl who falls for restaurant empire heir S.K. To (Hacken Lee), whose name is supposed to be funny because it resembles SKII, one of Asia's top cosmetics brands. That minor gag aside, S.K. lives beneath the iron rule of his overbearing mom (Bonnie Wong), who's trying to get S.K. fixed up with Jade Rice (Liu Yang), a Mainland beauty who's also an ace chef. When S.K. introduces Ceci as his chosen girlfriend, Mom retaliates by saying that her daughter-in-law must be a gourmet chef. Since Ceci simply can't cook (her instant noodles are legendary for their lack of culinary quality), this condition presents a bit of a problem.
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