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Giang Hồ Kỳ Án I - The Gentle Crackdown

Chinese Title: 秀才遇著兵
Cantonese Name: Sau Choi Yu Jeuk Bing
Number of Episodes: 20
Main Cast:
Sui Dong Lau - Moses Chan Ho
Sup Yee Mui - Niki Chow Lai Kei
Sup Yee Ma - Michelle Yim (Mai Suet)
Si Kei Wong - Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung
Luk Sau Gu - Halina Tam Siu Wan
Cameo - Sun Bo Luk Jin - Yuen Wah

Sui Dong Lau (Moses) is a judge who wants to rid the small town that he presides over of corruption. He uses unorthodox methods to achieve his aims, causing constant friction between himself and Sup Yee Mui (Niki). Sup Yee Mui's mother Sup Yee Ma (Michelle) is an ex-outlaw, who settled down when she got married, and never told her daughter of her past. Sup Yee Ma is constantly following her daughter around to protect her without her daughter knowing – eventually this leads to her getting hurt and Sup Yee Mui finds out the truth. All is forgiven, and during the series, many cases are tried and some comedic storylines are shown throughout the series. Towards the end of the series, Fei Ying is framed for stealing a royal object and Sup Yee Mui (Niki) and Sui Dong Lau (Moses) work to clear her name.

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Diễn viên: Trần Hào , Châu Lệ Kỳ , Mễ Tuyết , Lê Diệu Tường