Công Chúa Giá Lâm - Cant By Me Love TVB 2010 32/32 (Uslt)
English Title: Can't Buy Me Love
*Kenneth is filming Mui Siu Ching's new series for sure.
*Kenneth Ma, Moses Chan, Raymond Wong, and Louis Yuen filming the TVB Sales Presentation Clip for 'Princess Out of the Palace.'
*Charmaine Sheh is said to be filming this series after 'Heaven and Earth.'
*'Princess Out of the Palace' is not called 'Arrival of the Princess.'
*Charmaine plays the 3rd Princess who will marry the 4th Prince of gold manufacturing company played by Moses.
*In the sales clip for 'Here Comes the Princess', Linda Chung & Fala Chen both play Charmaine Sheh's maids.
*Selena has confirmed that she will film this series, but she won't be back in time for the costume fitting.
*Kenneth and Fala will be a couple in this series.
*Edwin Siu and Sharon will play a couple in this series.
*Sharon will portray Charmaine's older sister.
*Order of the princesses: (oldest) Sharon Chan, Tracy Ip, Charmaine Sheh, and Yoyo Chen.
*Kenneth Ma will play a royal designated matchmaker in 'Here Comes the Princess'.
*The official English title for the series is 'Can't Buy Me Love.'