Bố Y Thần Tướng Face To Fate
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A doctor (Raymond Lam) has a sickness that runs in the family. Even if the person is very youthful, when he reached a certain age, he will suddenly come up with a head of white hair. This sickness causes the person to age quicker than they actually are. This doctor has a real attitude and is a complete womanizer, and he goes by the name Lai Yeuk Yi. Lai Yeuk Yi meets Lee Boh Yi and company one day after they bribe him to heal an old man.

A fortune teller (Frankie Lam - I guess that's what you would call him...) is an average man who lives in peace. He is very sincere and likes to help people. Lee Boh Yi is his name, and he normally doesn't like getting involved in the pugilistic world. However, a certain chain of events lead him to help the Fei Yu Clan find the many masters of Kung Fu to fight in a tournament to settle things between the "light" and the "dark".
Thần Tướng Diệu Huyền
Đạo diễn: Quan Vĩnh Trung
Diễn viên: Lâm Phong, Lâm Văn Long, Dương Di